Commercial & Retail Centers 

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Visible Security Is a Natural Deterrent 

Create a safe environment for your customers with the security services of Cascadia Global Security. Our dependable professional guards are natural deterrents that discourage shoplifting, break-ins, muggings, loitering, and outside threats. 

Customers will think of your Commercial & Retail Centers as a safe place, and they'll be more willing to shop. Even employees will be more honest.  

  • GPS Tracking 
  • Checkpoint Tagging System 
  • Online Reporting System 

Your customized security services will include highly trained personnel with state-of-the-art equipment and all the resources they need to protect your personnel and property.  

Veteran owned and operated company with an emphasis on hired and training professional and reliable security specialists.  

For your convenience, we offer flexible short-term and long-term contracts. Our company is locally owned, so you always get prompt service.